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Yoga & Pilates Studio | Trolley Square Wilmington Delaware

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About Us

Pure Yoga Pilates Studio is centrally located in the Trolley Square Shopping Center in the heart of Trolley Square. With its sun lit studio and modern, spare design, Pure Yoga is an oasis in the city. Pure Yoga has an eco-friendly interior, decorated with bamboo flooring, and responsibly harvested tropical hardwoods.

Offering non-heated classes in hatha yoga, vinyasa and Pilates for beginners through advanced practitioners, Pure Yoga Pilates Studio has classes for all levels of experience.

Pure Yoga prides itself on the non-intimidating approach towards learning. We welcome with open arms the brand new student, knowing that everyone learns at their own pace.

Our philosophy is built on the foundation of the yogic concept of walking the middle path between strength and ease. We believe that a balanced yoga practice should have both discipline and playfulness, power and serenity. We also believe that yoga has the ability to foster a sense of community and enrich people’s everyday lives.

Practice in a non-competitive environment that welcomes all levels of experience. Pure Yoga offers quality instruction with certified, supportive teachers who will nurture your growth, emphasizing proper alignment, relaxation, and the mind-body connection.

Our Team

  • Meredith McFadden

  • Jessica Reed

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Jessica began practicing yoga regularly in 2000 and completed her 200 hour RYT training with now:yoga in 2013. Her approach to teaching and practicing yoga is captured in the quote from Lao Tzu, “The skillful traveler has no fixed destination and is not intent on arriving.” The practice of yoga for Jessica is not in accomplishing an end goal and but focusing on staying open to each moment as it unfolds. She infuses her teaching with principals of Tai Chi and chi gung. She draws from many different teaching styles and her classes vary from a gentle restorative class to a vigorous flow. She feels especially inspired to introduce yoga to new audiences including individuals who benefit from a gentle, modified, or restorative practice. She has also taught in schools and offices and is dedicated to a consistent home practice which sometimes includes her husband and three daughters. Besides yoga, Jessica is an avid bread baker who loves to share her organic homemade loaves.

  • Chelsea Gildea

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Chelsea began practicing yoga to supplement her physical therapy regimen after sustaining an ankle injury. Her practice became an important part of her daily life, as she realized the transformative effects yoga had, providing her with greater physical and mental balance. In 2012, Chelsea completed the OM Teacher Training Program under the guidance of Cyndi Lee, Frank Mauro, Edward Jones and Joe Miller. Chelsea is also appreciative of her teacher, Meredith McFadden, whose influence helped propel her to achieve her dream of becoming a yoga teacher. Chelsea’s classes incorporate yoga philosophy, breath, energizing asana and music. She strives to lead a class in which practitioners of all levels feel comfortable and are able to find their own physical and mental balance.

  • Sara Fabryka

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Coming Soon.

  • Rita Grenville

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After working in Corporate America, training and coaching in personal development, Rita returned to yoga and Pilates in search of strength and flexibility. She is a registered yoga teacher, having completed her 200 hour RYT training with now:yoga in early 2016. She recently completed her Pilates mat training. Expect her classes to be thoughtful yet lighthearted with an emphasis on form and technique.

  • Tara Malloy

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Tara has practiced yoga for over 10 years and has always felt most connected to the vinyasa style. Having a strong sports background, including playing lacrosse at the Division I level, Tara has enjoyed the challenge of the yoga practice. In increasing strength while improving flexibility, yoga has been the place where she can maintain her fitness while healing her body after years of taxing training. Furthermore, while completing her 200hr training with Now: Yoga in 2013, she began to revel in the meditative aspects of the practice, helping with stress relief and focus. In coming to Tara’s class, expect a light hearted atmosphere where all are welcome. Classes have a vinyasa foundation focusing on building strength in the body.

  • Rocio Viscarra

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Rocio first found yoga as part of her healing routine for chronic headaches. After more than 13 years of practice, she enrolled in teacher training and completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Now Yoga in May 2013.

A social worker by trade, Rocio’s caring demeanor and attitude comes through in her teaching style. Rocio fully embraces the mind-body connection in her daily practice as well as in her classes. She also places emphasis on the breath. Rocios classes combine synchronized movements and breathing to help students connect with their true self and inner beauty.

Rocio specializes in corporate and educational yoga classes for
schools and companies dedicated to employees wellness.

  • Stephanie Hanna

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Stephanie first found yoga as a father/daughter bonding experience and fell in love with the practice immediately. Coming from an athletic and gym background she enjoyed the physical aspect of the practice, but it was really it’s teachings that kept her coming back for more. Yoga was part of her nature before she knew it, and had become a place for healing, exploration, and growth. After 12 years of practice she began teaching in 2015 while enrolled in the 200-Hour Teacher Training Program through Now:Yoga at Pure Yoga Pilate Studio which she completed in 2016. She has since completed Restorative Yoga Training with Angela Bolz followed by Barre Teacher Training in 2017, both at Tulaa Yoga & Barre Studio. Also being a huge lover of kids and wanting to help create a more mindful world, she has completed Kids Yoga Teacher Training through Petite Yogi. With a strong focus on safety through alignment, Stephanie also likes to inspire her fellow yogis to make their practice their own, and most importantly explore and play!When not on her mat you will often find her outside exploring with her pup, crafting, playing with other people’s kids and animals, eating tacos, drinking wine and craft beer. Hey, it’s all about balance, right?

  • Jessica Micchelli

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Jessica first came to yoga class to help her deal with stress and anxiety. She felt the effects right away. She found it was an effective way to help her deal with the roller coaster of life. Inspired by the practice, she enrolled in teacher training in September 2015 with the intent to heal and share with others. She has been practicing yoga for about five years. She has no athletic background but she also found yoga allowed her to get in shape gradually without competition. Jessica started taking Barre classes over a year ago and loved it. She got certified to teach in October 2016. Outside of yoga, Jessica loves to run and she is also on the radio and produces the mornings show week days on 1450 WILM.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring my own mat?

If you have a mat bring it, if not, you can rent one for just $1.

We also sell high-quality eco-friendly yoga mats at the studio. A mat is an investment. We recommend renting one until you are committed to the practice and then investing in a quality yoga mat. We sell high quality Jade yoga mats at the studio.

What do I wear?

Wear comfortable, fitted clothes that you can move in so that the teacher can view your alignment. We sell yoga clothing for men and women at the studio that is designed for practicing yoga. If you do not own yoga clothing, wear workout clothes that you would wear to the gym-T-shirts, tank tops, shorts, fitted pants-no sweatpants, and wear layers because you will get warm.

What should I bring?

A mat if you own one, a water bottle and a towel if you like. We also rent mats and towels for a $1 and sell bottled water as well as vitamin water and coconut water.

Do I need to pre-register for class? How early should I arrive?

Check the class times online by clicking on schedule. You can pre-register and pay online to reserve your spot, but there is no need to pre-register. Just come a few minutes before class begins so that you can sign in and pay and fill out a new student form.

Are the classes heated/hot yoga?

No. All of our classes are non-heated. Most of our classes are vinyasa-flow yoga. In vinyasa, you build heat internally and do not need an external heat source. You will likely get warm and sweat.

Is there a discount for students and seniors?

Yes, we offer discounts for high school and college students and seniors over the age of 65 check pricing for discounts.

I'm totally new to yoga. Where should I start? Should I try a Yoga DVD first?

We recommend starting with the beginner yoga class. In beginner yoga, you will learn all of the basics. We will go over alignment and the building blocks to a safe, beneficial yoga practice. We don’t recommend DVD’s especially for beginners. You can do poses incorrectly when you are following along, and possibly get injured! There is nothing comparable to having an instructor there to correct your alignment and help to deepen your postures and bring your awareness to your body to help you get the most benefit from your yoga practice.

I'm not flexible, I can't do yoga. I'm out of shape, can I take a yoga class? I'm older, will I be able to do yoga? I just recovered from an injury, will the poses be accessible to me? I'm an athlete, will I find yoga challenging enough?

Anyone, regardless of fitness level, age or flexibility can practice yoga. We offer gentle yoga which moves at a slower pace, especially for older clientele, clients with injuries and medical issues. All classes use props to help make the poses accessible to anyone. if you are an athlete, you will find that yoga challenges you in different ways. If you are looking for a “workout”, our Vinyasa classes, or flow-style yoga and Yoga/Pilates Fusion classes are fast-paced, athletic, challenging and fun! Remember to go at you own pace, move mindfully, follow the teacher’s instructions and breathe!