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Yoga & Pilates Studio | Trolley Square Wilmington Delaware

Private Sessions

Interested in Private Sessions?


Come deepen your yoga practice and make sure you are using proper alignment in a tutorial session one-on-one with one of our instructors.

Let them guide you through a sequence of yoga poses to address your specific skill set and individual needs.

This is good for anyone with injuries or just looking to go deeper.

We offer private sessions in yoga and Pilates. Schedule an individual or small group session at the studio or in the privacy or your own home.

Work one-on-one or with a friend.

We offer one on one sessions, two on one, or three on one sessions as well as small group sessions or private group classes.

Looking for a way to relax before the big day? We offer private sessions for the bridal party to relax and de-stress and bond with friends.

Pilates on the Reformer

Pilates on the Reformer use springs as resistance to build core strength address imbalances in the body and overall strengthening of the arms, shoulders, legs back and glutes. Pilates will improve posture, increase kinesthetic awareness and help to prevent back pain and aid with recovery from injury. Let our teachers build a repertoire individualized to your needs and help bring the body back into balance.

Corporate Yoga

Looking for your next retreat? We offer private group sessions to treat your workers to yoga to unwind and relax.

Looking to offer yoga at your facility? We offer on site yoga to corporations at health fairs or on a regular basis. Call for details.


Individual Sessions $75/hour
Package of 5 sessions $350
2:1 $45/per person
3:1 $35/ per person
4-5 $25/ per person

small groups $20/per person
large groups call for details

Springboard Semi-Private Sessions

2:1 $45/per person
3:1 $35/per person