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Yoga & Pilates Studio | Trolley Square Wilmington Delaware


Pure Yoga Pilates Studio is centrally located in the Trolley Square Shopping Center in the heart of Trolley Square. With its sun lit studio and modern, spare design, Pure Yoga is an oasis in the city. Pure Yoga has an eco-friendly interior, decorated with bamboo flooring, and responsibly harvested tropical hardwoods. Offering non-heated classes in hatha yoga, vinyasa and Pilates for beginners through advanced practitioners, Pure Yoga Pilates Studio has classes for all levels of experience.

Pure Yoga prides itself on the non-intimidating approach towards learning. We welcome with open arms the brand new student, knowing that everyone learns at their own pace. Our philosophy is built on the foundation of the yogic concept of walking the middle path between strength and ease. We believe that a balanced yoga practice should have both discipline and playfulness, power and serenity. We also believe that yoga has the ability to foster a sense of community and enrich people’s everyday lives.