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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring my own mat?

If you have a mat bring it, if not, you can rent one for just $1.

We also sell high-quality eco-friendly yoga mats at the studio. A mat is an investment. We recommend renting one until you are committed to the practice and then investing in a quality yoga mat. We sell high quality Jade yoga mats at the studio.

What do I wear?

Wear comfortable, fitted clothes that you can move in so that the teacher can view your alignment. We sell yoga clothing for men and women at the studio that is designed for practicing yoga. If you do not own yoga clothing, wear workout clothes that you would wear to the gym-T-shirts, tank tops, shorts, fitted pants-no sweatpants, and wear layers because you will get warm.

What should I bring?

A mat if you own one, a water bottle and a towel if you like. We also rent mats and towels for a $1 and sell bottled water as well as vitamin water and coconut water.

Do I need to pre-register for class? How early should I arrive?

Check the class times online by clicking on schedule. You can pre-register and pay online to reserve your spot, but there is no need to pre-register. Just come a few minutes before class begins so that you can sign in and pay and fill out a new student form.

Are the classes heated/hot yoga?

No. All of our classes are non-heated. Most of our classes are vinyasa-flow yoga. In vinyasa, you build heat internally and do not need an external heat source. You will likely get warm and sweat.

Is there a discount for students and seniors?

Yes, we offer discounts for high school and college students and seniors over the age of 65 check pricing for discounts.

I'm totally new to yoga. Where should I start? Should I try a Yoga DVD first?

We recommend starting with the beginner yoga class. In beginner yoga, you will learn all of the basics. We will go over alignment and the building blocks to a safe, beneficial yoga practice. We don’t recommend DVD’s especially for beginners. You can do poses incorrectly when you are following along, and possibly get injured! There is nothing comparable to having an instructor there to correct your alignment and help to deepen your postures and bring your awareness to your body to help you get the most benefit from your yoga practice.

I'm not flexible, I can't do yoga. I'm out of shape, can I take a yoga class? I'm older, will I be able to do yoga? I just recovered from an injury, will the poses be accessible to me? I'm an athlete, will I find yoga challenging enough?

Anyone, regardless of fitness level, age or flexibility can practice yoga. We offer gentle yoga which moves at a slower pace, especially for older clientele, clients with injuries and medical issues. All classes use props to help make the poses accessible to anyone. if you are an athlete, you will find that yoga challenges you in different ways. If you are looking for a “workout”, our Vinyasa classes, or flow-style yoga and Yoga/Pilates Fusion classes are fast-paced, athletic, challenging and fun! Remember to go at you own pace, move mindfully, follow the teacher’s instructions and breathe!